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Win over ₹1,00,000 and other rewards from the photos you’ve clicked on your phone.

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#IndiasAperture gives you new methods to express yourself and challenges you to step beyond your comfort zone.

Prizes To Be Won

After two successful Seasons, we are back with Season 3 of our online Phone Photography Contest. Participants will be rewarded with cash prizes, certificates, and publication of their work.

1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

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5th Prize

Appreciation Certificate

All the participants of India’s Aperture photography competition will be awarded a national level appreciation e-certificate.

Get Published

TOP 5 winners of IA’s creative mobile photography competition will be published in national dailies.

Hear it from our Participants

Testimonial from the participants and winners of Seasons 1 & 2 of IA’s phone photography contest

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Why Should You Participate?

We welcome anyone to join the competition and showcase their best ideas, irrespective of their job or qualifications.

A phone photography contest with benefits

Win cash rewards, physical certificates, Newspaper Publications & More

Create your legacy​

Get published in a National Newspaper.

Gain the recognition you deserve

The bigger the contest, the bigger the prize! Those that win often gain a photographic opportunity that is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

You can do this!​

Give it a go even if you’ve never captured anything before, don’t think of yourself as a photographer! Our mission is to help you succeed.

It gives you a direction

There are times as a photographer that you’ll drift a little bit.  Even those with clear ideas about their photography benefit from a clear direction to head in, and a photo contest is one great way to achieve this.

Photography is accessible

You DO NOT have to be DSLR owner to become a great photographer. You can pick up your phone and click the most amazing picture ever. However, the most crucial thing is to give it a shot regardless of how challenging it can seem.

Register Now

Please fill the form below & complete the necessary steps to confirm your slot in the Phone Photography Contest.

As you embark on this journey with us, remember that the true power of photography lies not in the technology of the camera, but in the heart and soul of the person behind it. With each snap, you’re not just capturing a moment; you’re creating a timeless story that resonates with the human spirit.

Your chance to be discovered!



Register by filling the form and completing the necessary requirements.


Capture your best shot. Something that speaks to your identity and showcases your skill at its best.


Sumbit your best work after completing your registration.


The contest will be judged by a panel of India’s most renowned photographers.


Winners will rewarded with the above mentioned awards.

Frequently asked questions

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Registrations Close : 31th May
Submissions Close :  11th June
Results : 30th June

The photographer can submit entries based on ANY topic/subject/theme as preferred by them. There is no restriction on the same.

The photographer will retain the copyright to their photograph (s).

The top three winning entries will be published in national dailies.

There is NO restriction on age. Anyone, belonging to age group, can enter this contest.

MAXIMUM OF ONE photograph per registration will be allowed. In case you’d like to submit more than one entry, you would be required to register again. You can register under the same name multiple times.

The competition has limited entries that will be filled on a First-Come-First-Serve basis. Therefore, the registrations will close as and when slots are filled. No registration will be accepted beyond that point.

The participant is allowed to submit original works that have not formerly been displayed or exhibited as any visual medium (including advertising, stock photos, media publishing, etc.) and for which the entrant holds all applicable rights.  

Photos displayed on personal mediums (social media accounts, blogs, websites) is allowed.

The fee includes your participation as well as a guaranteed certificate of participation. Regardless of whether you win, you will receive a certificate honoring your work and your participation.

The participant can use ANY MOBILE PHONE. There is no restriction on the same.

Entries clicked using any other equipment except a mobile phone will be disqualified without any notice.

Photographers who use a Mobile Phone can enter from anywhere in India. Photos should not have been recently published anywhere. The posts on personal accounts (Facebook, Instagram etc.) are eligible. Any desktop image editing tool, such as Photoshop, should not be used to alter the photographs. It is permissible to utilise any Android or iOS app.

It is permissible to utilise any Phone. Phone add-on lenses can be used. We may request the original image in some situations to confirm that it was taken with a Mobile Phone. The photos that can not be verified are disqualified.

The contributions must be at least 1000 pixels in height and width in their original size.

Both color and monochrome images will be accepted.  File size: up to 10 MB of image data per work. Winners might be asked to provide higher resolution images for publication or display purposes related to the contest.

Need More Reasons to participate?

There’s Potential To Win The Grand Prize

Contests put you on the map. They drive eyeballs towards your photo entry and eventually help build your personal brand. In addition to this, typically photo contests have a winner, as well as a raft of commended photos. Once again, this gives you a significant chance of more exposure, should your photo be commended.

It’s A Way To Gain Exposure

The bigger the contest, the bigger the prize! Those that win, often gain a photographic opportunity that is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. The grand prize is a motivating factor in itself. It pushes you to do better. If you choose this as a professional career path, it also acts as an investment in, for example, your dream equipment.

It Gives You Direction,
Helps You Strive To
Achieve Perfection: 

There are times as a photographer that you’ll drift a little bit. Whether that means you photograph less, or when you do photograph there’s not too much cohesion to it. Even those with clear ideas about their photography benefit from a clear direction to head in, and a photo contest is one great way to achieve this.

Do you always photograph all your photos at the correct aperture? Was the Exposure left too low, from the last time you photographed outdoors? While you’ll almost certainly get those camera settings correct when you’re out photographing when it comes to a contest you definitely will. The smallest advantages you can gain by perfecting your technique can all stack up, and you’ll need every advantage you can get to win a contest.

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