Shibasish Saha - Encircled Face

S1 Bonus Winner

Vulnerability comes in different forms. For some of us, we are the most vulnerable among the crowd. For some, it is when skin grazes the other when we are between different people. Shibasish Saha’s piece titled ‘Encircled Face’ represents this through those eyes. The eyes of the subject show the vulnerability of a child, leaving a lasting impact on the viewer. The monochrome lighting of this picture subtly highlights those emotions flowing around and conceals the disparity colors bring. The dark hollow we see beneath the face depicts the emptiness we carry in ourselves. The tightly knit composition of the picture and the different emotions shown through a pair of eyes displaces our masks. Thus making Shibasish Saha’s entry emerge as a bonus winner for Season 1 of India’s Aperture Photography Competition!!

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