Anusha Jain - Icarus's Touch

S1 Bonus Winner

Our dreams are like flights. They fly high up in the sky and sometimes fail to reach the horizon we want them to go and instead take a completely different path. Anusha Jain’s photograph titled Icarus’s Touch represents this with symbolism. The darkness on the horizon and the light coming through the flight route showcase how dreams fight away the pain of life. It tells the tale of the sun that gives us a reason to live another day, to wait for it. The colour scheme used throughout the picture wraps the bundle of warmth around the message it gives away. Through this photograph, we realise how life and things around us have meaning that we often overlook. The contrast and story of this picture will help you remember it when you need it the most. This macro photography has made Anusha Jain’s entry emerge as a bonus winner for Season 1 of India’s Aperture Photography Competition!!

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