Parth Sharma - Back Home

5th Prize Winner

Coming back home after a long work day means different things to us. For some of us, it’s a single emoji. And for others, it’s a compilation of emojis. But one thing that stays common is that everyone is coming back. This photograph titled ‘Back Home’ by Parth Sharma encaptures the vibe of returning home. The setting sun, the gray line of darkness and light, and the different expressions are an ode to homes. The serenity this photograph carries is encapsulating. It pulls you towards itself and makes you realize that each of those eyes returning home envelopes a twinkle. Some which have faded and some bright as new. And yet, amidst this twinkle, there lie different seas of perspective. The balance and simplicity of this frame let you feel the emotions. It reminds you of anticipation as a child while returning home from school, college, or boarding school. These emotions and the beautiful captures make this picture hard to unsee. And thus, making Parth Sharma become the 5th winner of Season 1 of India’s Aperture Photography Competition!!

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