Abhishek Lele - Train Hyperloop

Season 1 Second Prize Winner

Time phases are one of the slowest things to pass, but the distinction between our past, present, and future is quite remarkable. Seeing this picture reminds you of those moments when you have waited for a decision to come, hit you and alter your life. The representation is a wholesome picture, showing us the reality of time. Abhishek Lele’s photograph titled ‘Train Hyperloop’ stands out because the subject used to represent the future is something one can feel. The picture by Abhishek has planted seeds of imagination and is something one will remember each time they anticipate their future. But, the vision, clarity of the post-production, and composition make this picture one of a kind. And has allowed Abhishek’s entry to emerge as the 2nd winner for Season 1 of India’s Aperture Photography Competition!! Let us know if you feel the same seeing this picture. 

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