Mahendra Bakle - The Fishermen

Season 1 Third Prize Winner

Each picture carries a story, some that want you to figure it out and others that know which story is theirs. This picture is the latter one. It is like a puppet show where the character is the storyteller. An onlooker might find this photograph silent, but as one looks at it closely, they realize that the characters were never mute. They are speaking tons and tons. It all depends on your focus, which dictates how much you can hear. Some might listen to the complete story, while for others, it is just a tad bit of a tale. But amidst this tale, there are the woods. This picture titled ‘Fisherman’ by Mahendra Bakle represents the Chinese way of procuring food. And how wood interrelated itself among these daily activities. The monochrome lighting of the picture adds a layer without which this picture couldn’t have the narration it wanted to depict. The balance of composition, elements, expression, and reality is out of the world. And has allowed this picture to emerge as the 3rd winner for Season 1 of India’s Aperture Photography Competition!!

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  1. World class photography 📸 liked the representation the concept in black & white.
    Liked shadows & highlights.

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